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My woodworking creations small wood storage boxes

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small wood storage boxes

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This page is my woodworking creations home page, and has the very first wood projects I have made, which are small wood storage boxes. Pictures and descriptions are below.

Here is a little story

When I first decided about starting woodworking 4 yrs ago and start making small woodworking projects. This started out as a hobby with making the small wood boxes. Now I make some money making small wood projects. Ever since I started and finished a new project, I would show my family and which a couple of my family members would say nobody would like those and nobody would buy them. They were just joking when they said that. But that still just made me work even more to make better things, and which I did. I not only made wood boxes, which have sold. I also make wood shelves, and which some have sold also, wood scale model cars, I draw coloring pages. All these projects are listed on my site. The links to my other projects are below.

Though the pages on this site are about my hobby being woodworking and all the woodworking projects i made.I also have a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth Muscular Dystrophy, which is a neurological condition within the Muscular dystrophy Family. 

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Such as my woodworking creations, drawing and coloring pages, games, learn to draw, car puzzles, save money how to articles and more. Click the link to see

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Over the past few yrs i have become more interested in woodworking as a hobby, more now than when i was younger. In this website, there are various pages showing my small woodworking projects. All are hand made by me.

 I started with making small wood storage boxes, because they were and are the easiest to make and needed to begin making and improving with something.

I did not need to buy any wood for the projects below and all of the other projects. The projects were and are free to make and are made from a good assortment of wood i put aside and recycled to use for my projects.

My first projects small wood storage boxes

Here are the very first woodworking projects I have made within the past few yrs. The first 4 pictured were made in the early parts of the 3 yrs ago. They are small wood boxes. Which most of them have sold on Etsy.

Most of these boxes are made out of oak and are showcased as the first one i made as the first one listed and the last one listed is the most recent boxes i made.

To view bigger pictures of the woodworking projects. Click on each picture.

Here is the new wood box I made. The box is made out of 3/4 inch plywood and is painted with black spray paint then sanded to show the grain of the wood then a clear coat was added for a slight shine. This box measures 5 inches wide x 5 inches high x 5 inches front to back. It took me about 6 hrs to complete. Here are the pictures below.

To view bigger pictures click each picture below

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